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what is pvc
Containment Systems
November 27, 2017


Dollar for dollar, PVC is the best, most versatile and resistant material to use in frack water storage tanks.
Texoma MFG Wastewater Management
September 28, 2017


How to reduct operational costs while maintaining the highest safety and quality standards.
Guide to Fracking - Hydraulic Fracking Equipment
Frac Tanks
September 26, 2017


Cornerstone legislation you need to know about when managing chemical containment systems.
Alternative Frac Tanks Usage for Municipalities
Frac Tanks
September 23, 2017


Acid tanks (commonly known in the oil & gas industry as 'frac tanks') are well-suited to serve many useful purposes across a wide variety of industries because of their mobility, versatility, and affordability.  Within municipalities, in particular, frac tanks can be used for a variety of different solutions regarding their utilities and public construction projects. Here are several ways that cities and towns can use frac tanks to their advantages. Temporary Water and Wastewater Storage and Filtration Adding permanent water and wastewater solutions can take time and strain budgets. Frac tanks are an excellent temporary solution. Temporary Rerouting of Water…
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