National Packaging Strategy

The Challenge

Everything But the House (EBTH), a national online estate liquidation startup, has been growing rapidly into new markets across the country. In the process, they discovered a growing pain: they were draining capital in an integral area of their business model – shipping products. Without a system for purchasing packaging, each processing center was sourcing materials differently. The result was unnecessarily high packaging costs, an inconsistent brand experience and even a high rate of shipping damage complaints.

Our Custom Solution

BGR developed and implemented a procurement process that consolidated and standardized packaging items across all EBTH facilties. We leveraged EBTH’s combined volume across all locations to negotiate steeply discounted pricing. To service EBTH’s locations outside of BGR’s geographic reach, we worked with our partners at the National Packaging Distributors of America. And finally, we created a custom website for easy ordering, shipment tracking, and location-based reporting.

“BGR has been able to service EBTH at a high caliber consistently — when we were a small startup and when we grew to the much larger scale we are now.”

- Tom O'Brian, Director of Operations

The Impact for Our Client

Working to package efficiently as possible has led to substantial improvements in cost-to-pack, process time, damages, and even environmental impact. On top of a seamless ordering process, EBTH management is able to allocate budgets and pull specialized reports from their custom website. Now EBTH can be sure their brand experience is consistent and reliable across the country. Not only are customers happier, EBTH processing centers are operating more smoothly–and more profitably.

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